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Amalfi Analytics S.L. (Amalfi)

We use our knowledge of healthcare systems and data analytics to help managers make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of their organizations. We help them see where they must put resources and effort and evaluate the impact of possible actions, to achieve both savings and better quality of assistance. We provide analytical technologies that go beyond the limitations of current business intelligence tools. They help understand the complex interactions between diagnostics, treatments, and resources particularly for complex, chronic diseases. They let the users explore interactively, with real-time answers, the data in a discovery- oriented way, in order to find out unexpected and potentially useful interactions. They scale gracefully to large data, say millions of patients. And they let the user project the data to the future and anticipate the population-wide effect of chosen interventions, with the intention of both rationalizing the costs of the systems (generating savings) and improving quality of care (therefore, patient quality of life).

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