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Pharmacelera (Pharmacelera)

Pharmacelera (Pharmacelera)

Pharmacelera is a Computer-Aided Drug Design company that develops hardware and software solutions to improve the productivity of pharmaceutical companies in the early stages of drug development.

Pharmacelera attacks the two success factors of an R+D project simultaneously: the quality of the results with the usage of disruptive algorithms validated scientifically and the time to obtain these results with the usage of hardware acceleration. Our tools are based on the R+D expertise of the Computational Biology and Drug Design group of the University of Barcelona (UB).


  • PharmScreen: A full 3D ligand-based virtual screening software tool able to find more active ligands than traditional structure or fingerprint-based solutions developed by the competition. Our tool finds those molecules with maximum similarity in the fields of interaction, allowing to find a more diverse set of compounds. Using PharmScreen our customers increase the diversity of their project's lead compounds giving substantial improvements in the properties of their hits and increasing the chances of finding the right molecule.
  • PharmQSAR: A 3D Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) software tool able to combine multiple fields of interaction in order to perform CoMFA/CoMSIA studies. This tool allows getting insights of which areas are relevant to the activity of compounds in a given receptor and generate visual representations of the relevant interactions.
  • PharmaBox: A hardware computational platform optimized to accelerate the execution of Pharmacelera's software tools. It relies on the usage of hardware accelerators to reduce the simulation time by orders of magnitude compared to traditional computing platforms.

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