Call for PhD Candidate (Early Stage Researcher) Vacancy

Centre / Institution:
Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute
Bioinformatics expertise:
Biomedical Informatics

Job description

The candidate will use network-based disease gene prioritization approaches to understand the pathophysiology of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration (LDD). (S)he will also apply different computational strategies and tools to reveal comorbidities related to LDD and will integrate data from protein interaction databases to uncover latent connections between comorbid diseases. The candidate will work in the implementation of a model for biomarker recommendation based on genotype-phenotype relationships and related comorbidities.

Desired skills and expertise

Master in Statistics, Biochemistry, biological sciences, genetics, bioinformatics or related fields.

Contract duration and other benefits

Successful candidates will be offered a 36 months full-time employment contract, with a monthly average gross salary of 3119 €, plus a mobility allowance of 600€ per month (unconditional) and a family allowance of 500€ per month (if applicable). All the amounts mentioned above are expressed before statutory deductions in charge of the Institution and the candidate: National Insurance and Income Tax. You will be enrolled in the Ph.D. program BIOMEDICINE of the UNIVERSIDAD POMPEU FABRA – UPF ( and will have the opportunity to learn from a consortium of 19 institutions (11 Beneficiaries, 8 Partner organizations - In addition to the individual scientific projects, all ESRs will benefit from further continuing education, which includes a secondment to King's College London, UK & ProtATonce Ltd, Greece, a variety of training courses for specific and transferable skills and active participation and international conferences.

Required information and contact

The Enrolment Form must be completed here. In addition, all the documents must be sent by email to JANET PIÑERO,, and to the Management of the Disc4All project ( before February 12th, 2021.