Postdoctoral Researcher at the Systems Pharmacology Group of GRIB

Centre / Institution:
Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute
Bioinformatics expertise:
Bioinformatics of Disease and Treatment, Chemoinformatics

Job description

PhD in Chemoinformatics, Molecular Modelling, Bioinformatics, or related Informatics areas

Project title: Providing an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe. (Ref.: 12157).

Description: The successful candidate will join the systems pharmacology group of GRIB to work in the aforementioned project.

Tasks to be implemented: The candidate will contribute to activities in fragment-based screening and data reproducibility, utilization and impact for users of the DRIVE project and to developing European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) resources for Chemical Biology and Structure Based Drug Discovery workflows to collect, consolidate, annotate, and provide data and workflows to the community concerning small molecules and their biological and structural relationship to their target macromolecules.

Desired skills and expertise

Studies: PhD in Chemoinformatics, Molecular Modelling, Bioinformatics, or related Informatics areas. It is imperative that all the degrees requested are included in the registration form to be evaluated. The degree requested must have been issued by a Spanish university or duly certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Experience: Must have experience in software and tools packaging like BMS RI software (e.g. Bioconda) and containerization technology (e.g. Docker, Singularity) with reference to standards from the Open Containers Initiative.

Knowledge: Workflow composition and execution will rely on widely adopted standards for workflow specification (e.g. Common Workflow Language) to ensure interoperability and re-usability across BMS RIs and knowledge in environment with a graphical user interface (e.g. based on Galaxy) to support end-users with little or no experience in the design, customization and implementation of software pipelines. Fluent English.

Contract duration and other benefits

We offer a full time contract and an annual gross salary of 22.500€ since October 2019

Required information and contact

Please fill the application form at