Bioinformatics postdoctoral position at the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics LAB

Centre / Institution:
The Spanish National Research Council
Bioinformatics expertise:
Functional Genomics

Job description

The Evolutionary and Functional Genomics Lab led by Josefa González is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our research team at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF) in Barcelona, Spain.

The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for the in silico characterization of the potential regulatory role of transposable element insertions in natural populations of Anopheles mosquitoes, and in available human genome sequences.

Among others, the tasks involved in the postdoctoral research project will be the identification of transcription factor binding motifs and epigenetic marks present in the candidate adaptive insertions, de novo assembly of genome sequences, and de novo transposable element annotation. The postdoctoral researcher will work in close collaboration with a PhD student and a Postdoctoral researcher. 

Desired skills and expertise

A PhD in Evolutionary Biology or a related field, good programming skills (command line usage, bash scripting), and good writing skills are required. Although not required, genome assembly and genome annotation experience will be considered as well. 

Contract duration and other benefits

We offer a full-time position for 2 years with the possibility of extension. Salary will depend on the experience of the candidate.

The candidate will join a research team of four postdoctoral students, three PhD students, and a lab technician. Besides lab group meetings, the candidate will also join the Comparative and Computational IBE Research Program meetings. The lab also offers extensive networking opportunities as we are co-leading the European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium and the Spanish excellence network in adaptation genomics.

Expected starting date 1st September 2018, alternative dates can be discussed.

Required information and contact

Please send your CV (including the contacts of potential references) and a brief letter of motivation to: josefa.gonzalez(ELIMINAR)