Computational Chemist

Centre / Institution:
Nostrum Biodiscovery
Bioinformatics expertise:
Drug Design
Drug Design, Drug Discovery, Computational Chemistry

Job description

We are seeking a qualified Computational Chemist to apply bioinformatics, molecular modeling and computational chemistry techniques in the small-molecule drug discovery programs of our clients. The successful candidate will apply in silico ligand-based and especially structure-based drug design and simulation methods.

The position must be filled in a couple of months, desirably by the start of May.

Desired skills and expertise

  • PhD in Computational Chemistry
  • Strong track record of research accomplishment in the area of computational chemistry. Five or more scientific publications will be highly valued
  • Understanding of the physico-chemical properties of small-molecules and their interactions with proteins
  • Basic knowledge of organic chemistry
  • Experience with one or more molecular modeling suites (Schrodinger, MOE, etc.)
  • Experience with open-source software tools for simulating biological systems (Gromacs, NAMD, AmberTools, Autodock Vina, VMD, etc.).
  • Scripting capabilities (Python, Perl)
  • Experience in database management
  • Strong communication skills and enthusiasm for working in an interdisciplinary environment
  • English proficiency is a must

Contract duration and other benefits

  • Real career development possibilities in an emerging spin-off;
  • Involvement in the early drug discovery community: Attendance of events and conferences related to the field;
  • Access to the most state-of-the art technologies;
  • Continuous training program;
  • International work atmosphere;
  • Salary to be determined depending on experience. In any event, a plus based on performance will also be defined.

Required information and contact

Candidates shall send an email attaching their CV and a cover letter to: hello(ELIMINAR)