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15th RECOMB Comparative Genomics Satellite Conference

04/10/2017 09:00 - 06/10/2017 18:00

The annual RECOMB Comparative Genomics Satellite Conference (RECOMB-CG) brings together leading researchers in the mathematical, computational and life sciences to discuss cutting edge research in comparative genomics, with an emphasis on computational approaches and the analysis of novel experimental results.

Conferència: Tecnologies que allarguen la vida

Eurecat i la SingularityU Barcelona organitzen la primera d'un cicle de quatre conferències que sota el títol "El Món que ve" volen apropar la visió d'experts en tecnologies exponencials i futuristes capaces d'il·lustrar i inspirar el talent a les nostres empreses.

CRISPR: Should there be limits on genome editing?

10th Josep Egozcue Lectures This year's Josep Egozcue Lectures will consider a controversial and highly topical issue. New genome editing techniques such as CRISPR open up a whole range of opportunities for improving the health of individuals, but the possibilities don't end there.

NGS'17: Structural Variation and Population Genomics

03/04/2017 08:00 - 05/04/2017 18:00

Online registration deadline: 26 March 2017!!   Hosted by the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), the Next-generation sequencing conference covers a broad range of topics in genome sequencing and analysis.

BUB#2 - Data Vizz _ When science meets art

Science is driven through data. And everyday more and more, scientists need a good understanding of the basic tools employed to explore this complexity and communicate the information behind it.

Eurecat-Lleida presentation

Eurecat-Lleida will be presented on March 9th at the Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida (PCiTAL). During the event Eurecat lines of work and the strategy will be presented, together with the objectives of Eurecat-Lleida.

Jornada presentació cicle Desenvolupament d'aplicacions web Bioinformàtica

Jornada de presentació del CFGS Desenvolupament d'aplicacions web (perfil professional Bioinformàtica) Conveni de col·laboració entre l'administració de la Generalitat de Catalunya, mitjançant el Departament d'Ensenyament, i l'Associació Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB)   PROGRAMA 16:15 h  Benvinguda i presentació de l'Institut Provençana.

IV Jornada de Bioinformàtica i Genòmica

We are glad to invite you to the IV Bioinformatics and Genomics Symposium, which will take place at the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB) (Dr.

Wikimarathon on Bioinformatics

Dear scientists, students and curious people in general, We are delighted to present the project: Barcelona Unseminars in Bioinformatics (BUBhub). This peculiar name has its roots in the philosophy of knowledge dissemination called unseminar, popularized by Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics (HUB).