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Integration of Genomics and other data to benefit patients

The fourth webinar of the BIB & HEALTH series, with the participation of Genomcore, Roche Diagnostics, Sequentia Biotech, and Vall d'Hebron Institute of Research as BIB's Members, and Microsoft as a special BIB collaborator, will be held next Tuesday, March 23rd, from 15:30 pm to 16:30 pm.

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Apply for Dual Vocational Training grants

A total of four CFGS students in Web Application Design - Bioinformatics Profile who do their internships in Dual format in public or public-biomedical research centers can apply for SANEC Program grants.

RNAseq Grant Programme

Sequentia, BIB' Member, launch an RNAseq Grant Programme, in the frame of AIR. The call, open up to 15th April, enhance the participation of Researchers to submit their project to access AIR and analyze their data with the Sequentia RNAseq cloud software.

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